Beautiful Day In Bora Bora

Bora Bora has weather conditions that are standard like the majority of tropical climates around the world. Generally the temperatures moves round the 30°C(88°F) and the humidity typically rests around 85% mark for the majority of of the year.

Bora Bora weather conditions are split into two seasons – dry season and wet season. Bora Bora’s climate will most likely take a couple of weeks to change over from 1 season to the other. The primary signal is the change in wind direction from the cooler north-east wind to the damper south-west monsoonal breeze.


Dry Season

Bora Bora Island’s dry season commences in November and leads into March . The daytime temperature varies from 25°C to 32°C (77°F -90°F) in the course of the season to around March in which the temperature range will begin to rise in April to 28°C-38°C(82°F-100°F).

Wet Season

Bora Bora Storms

The wet season generally begins in April and comes to an end around September/October. The weather conditions in Bora Bora at this time of the year can see temperature ranges increase to a maximum in May/June where temperatures are extremely high. With the higher temperature ranges signifies greater humidity which is often as much as 90%.

Tropical thunder storms and high rain fall are very consistent at this point of the season, however these are generally at nighttime and morning hours. This time of the season is usually quieter around the tropical isle due to the unpleasant and volatile weather conditions.

Bora Bora weather patterns has a tendency to determine just what time of the year travellers will visit the island. The high season is in the dryer months from December to April. Because these are the busiest times of the year it is extremely challenging to get accommodation in most Bora Bora resorts.

The cost of many Bora Bora Resorts, meals, refreshments and fun-based activities is way more expensive within the peak period. This part of the season ought to be avoided if you are searching for a tranquil holiday or if you’re on a tight budget.

Planning ahead and booking early will make it easier to get a great Bora bora resort at the right price and time.

Because of the wet and higher temperature ranges of April to October this time is regarded as off-season and prices generally are a lot less expensive. But the weather is not as good so you may need to compromise.